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What's New?

10/2008   New carmen release 0.7.4-beta has been released.
11/2007   New carmen release 0.7-beta fixes several small problems (including a bug on the laser-odometry-sync).
02/2007   New carmen release 0.6.5-beta fixes a problem with the old laser driver.
11/2006   New carmen release 0.6.4-beta with support for SICK S300 laser.
11/2006   New carmen release 0.6.2-beta.
11/2006   New laser server for carmen with support for Hokuyo URG scanner.
02/2006   Fixed a problem in navigator when dealing with dynamic obstacles.
02/2006   Improved gps support (nmea-gga and nmea-rmc).
02/2006   From now on, Carmen uses gtk2.
01/2006   New Carmen website at http://carmen.sourceforge.net.
12/2005   New odometry model for Carmen including a tool to estimate the model based on a recorded dataset
12/2005   The libraries libreadlog.a and libwritelog.a handle the log file parsing/writing. From now on, these libraries should be used by all other modules/programs!
12/2005   The log file format has changed. New messages are ROBOTLASER1 instead of FLASER, and ROBOTLASER2 instead of RLASER. Furthermore all RAWLASER messages are logged as well as GPS data.
12/2005   Mike integrated the process management control techniques used for Stanley during DARPA Gran Challange.
12/2005   multi-central support
12/2005   New ipc connect/disconnect/initialize functions
12/2005   Carmen integration meeting in Boston from 12.12.2005 - 18.12.2005
12/2005   The carmen.ini file has been polished. Now carmen has expert parameters.
12/2005   The carmen_robot_laser_message has changed. It now provides configuration data, remission values, and contains two structs laser_pose and robots_pose (instead of the individual variable fields)
11/2005   the function carmen_get_time_ms() has been replaced by carmen_get_time()
Summer 2005   Java support
Summer 2005   The internal ordering of the messages has changed. This was necessary for the Java support. Make sure, you do not mix modules compiled using different versions of Carmen!

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