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Carmen Hardware Requirements

Carmen has been tested on computers running the following Linux versions:

  • Red Hat (string from version 5.2)
  • SuSE Linux (starting from version 8.0)

If you are running the simulator, no extra hardware is required.

Carmen currently supports the following mobile robot bases:

  • iRobot ATRV
  • iRobot ATRVjr
  • iRobot B21R
  • ActivMedia Pioneer I
  • ActivMedia Pioneer II
  • Nomadic Technologies Scout
  • Nomadic Technologies XR4000
  • OrcBoard
  • Segway

We can in principle support any iRobot RFLEX-based device; however, the current CARMEN release only contains appropriate parameters for ATRV and B21R devices. More bases can be supported as needed.

Carmen currently supports the following sensors:

  • SICK LMS laser measurment system
  • SICK PLS proximity laser scanner
  • GPS device using the NMEA protocol: e.g. Garmin, Sirf, ... (most consumer GPS)
  • Sonar (preliminary support)
  • Hokuyo IR Support (PB9)

You must have a laser range finder to build a map, and currently, localization and navigation are not supported using sonars only.

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