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Introduction - What's Carmen?

Welcome to CARMEN, the Carnegie Mellon Robot Navigation Toolkit. CARMEN is an open-source collection of software for mobile robot control. CARMEN is modular software designed to provide basic navigation primatives including: base and sensor control, logging, obstacle avoidance, localization, path planning, and mapping.

See our list showing the core functionalities inside Carmen.

Communications between CARMEN programs is handled using a separate package called IPC, Copyright 1991 Christopher Fedor and Reid Simmons. IPC is distributed along with CARMEN, however it is a separate software development. In addition, the xr4000 module was based on GPLed code by David Austin for controlling the Nomadic Technologies XR4000.

Any correspondence regarding CARMEN should be sent to mmde+carmen@cs.cmu.edu.

CARMEN is licensed under the Gnu Public License (GPL). See the file LICENSE.TXT for complete details on thte GPL.

Contributors to CARMEN are listed here. CARMEN has been sponsored by DARPA's MARS Program.

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